Incredible Inventions That You Haven’t Seen Yet: Time Stamp 00:27-1:30

The video titled “Incredible Inventions That You Haven’t Seen Yet” is presented by Innovative Techs and features a wide range of fascinating inventions and topics. The video includes various time stamps that correspond to different sections, showcasing the incredible innovation in each segment. Some highlights include an Indian company introducing the Avatar fuel cell EV truck that runs on hydrogen fuel cells, a non-capsule orbital spacecraft designed for smooth runway landings, an ultrasonic kitchen knife that cuts effortlessly, and a solar setup that optimizes plant photosynthesis. Additionally, other inventions such as a simple smartphone to help overcome social media addiction, a compact single-seat powered paraglider, a health monitoring device for automatic urine analysis, and a foldable living module for space settlers are featured. With so many intriguing inventions to explore, this video is sure to leave you amazed and inspired by the advancements in technology.

One of the standout inventions is the Shock Gland Avatar fuel cell EV truck, which offers an environmentally friendly option that produces zero harmful emissions. Another remarkable invention is the Dreamchaser Tenacity, a private non-capsule orbital spacecraft designed for smooth runway landings, preserving important research outcomes. These are just a few examples of the incredible inventions showcased in the video. Whether you’re interested in cutting-edge technology, sustainable solutions, or innovative gadgets, the “Incredible Inventions That You Haven’t Seen Yet” video is guaranteed to captivate and amaze you. So grab some popcorn and get ready to discover a world of exciting advancements in the field of technology and invention.

Incredible Inventions That You Havent Seen Yet: Time Stamp 00:27-1:30

Time Stamp 00:27-1:30

In the video titled “Incredible Inventions That You Haven’t Seen Yet,” presented by Innovative Techs, there are several time stamps that correspond to different sections of the video. This article will walk you through each time stamp and provide an overview of the featured inventions and topics.

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The first time stamp, from 00:27-1:30, showcases an Indian company called Shock Gland and their latest innovation, the Avatar fuel cell EV truck. This truck runs on hydrogen fuel cells, which are considered environmentally friendly because they produce zero harmful emissions. The hydrogen in the truck’s tanks reacts with atmospheric oxygen to generate electrical current, which is then used to power the truck’s electric motors and charge its battery. Refueling the truck is done at specially equipped stations by replacing the used hydrogen element with a new one. The Avatar truck is built on a modular platform that allows for changing the wheelbase according to customer requirements, making it versatile for different operational needs.

Time Stamp 1:31-2:40

The second time stamp, from 1:31-2:40, introduces the Dreamchaser Tenacity, the world’s only private non-capsule orbital spacecraft. Unlike capsule-based spacecraft, which often result in the destruction of research outcomes upon landing, the Dreamchaser Tenacity is designed for smooth runway landings. This prevents the damage to research samples, such as crystals grown in zero gravity. The spacecraft uses a relatively non-toxic fuel mixture of propane and nitrogen tetroxide. This allows technicians to approach the spacecraft immediately after landing, providing quick access to valuable cargo, particularly scientific experiments conducted in microgravity conditions. The spacecraft is fully automated and can lift over 6 tons, with a minimum of 15 planned flights.

Time Stamp 2:41-2:47

The third time stamp, from 2:41-2:47, features a startup called Check Startup and their innovative product, the 369 Sonic ultra-sonic kitchen knife. This knife utilizes vibrations at an incredible frequency of 50,000 times per second to effortlessly cut through food with minimal effort. The vibrations come from a motor built into the handle, allowing for precise and effortless slicing without squishing, crushing, or crumbling the food. With its special sound signal and advanced cutting technology, the 369 Sonic knife offers a new level of precision and ease in the kitchen.

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Time Stamp 2:48-4:45

Moving on to the fourth time stamp, from 2:48-4:45, we explore InSolite’s InSol Grin, an experimental solar setup designed to optimize plant photosynthesis and reduce the negative impact of hot summer temperatures on crops. The setup uses semi-transparent solar panels with a built-in sun tracking system. These panels follow the sun throughout the day, adjusting the amount of light passing through and acting as a smart shade. By optimizing plant photosynthesis, the InSol Grin system enhances the quality of agricultural produce. Additionally, a portion of the sunlight hitting the panels is converted into electrical energy, which can be used to power the system itself.

Incredible Inventions That You Havent Seen Yet: Time Stamp 00:27-1:30

Time Stamp 4:46-5:46

The fifth time stamp, from 4:46-5:46, showcases the Light Phone 2, a simple smartphone designed to help people overcome social media addiction. With only essential apps included, such as calling, messaging, calendar, notes, and alarms, the Light Phone 2 eliminates distractions and allows users to focus on the most important functions of a phone. It has a compact size, with a screen that doesn’t exceed that of a regular credit card. The device charges via a standard USB type-C port and can last up to 5 days in standby mode or several hours of talk time.

Time Stamp 5:47-6:40

Moving forward to the sixth time stamp, from 5:47-6:40, we witness the launch of the new Maverick Lite Trik by Parajet. This compact single-seat powered paraglider is easily transportable and can be assembled in just 7 minutes. With no special tools required, the Maverick Lite Trik offers versatility for different types of flights, ranging from leisurely sightseeing flights to thrilling maneuvers. It weighs only 83 lbs and can be adjusted according to the pilot’s preferences and skills.

Incredible Inventions That You Havent Seen Yet: Time Stamp 00:27-1:30

Time Stamp 6:41-7:49

The seventh time stamp, from 6:41-7:49, features a company called Withings and their health monitoring device called Things. This device allows for automatic urine analysis and sends the results to a mobile app, providing a convenient way to monitor health. The device attaches to the inside of the toilet bowl and collects urine through a bottom collector hole. A micro pump draws the urine into a special cartridge filled with test capsules. The test results are sent via Wi-Fi to the company’s servers and can be viewed anytime through their mobile app. The device is self-cleaning and requires cartridge replacement and device charging every 2 to 3 months.

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Time Stamp 7:50-9:00

Moving on to the eighth time stamp, from 7:50-9:00, we delve into the Hestia system by Theonas. This innovative system turns an ordinary smartphone into a telescope for stargazing and observing cosmic events. By attaching a specially designed lens to the smartphone camera, users can explore the wonders of the universe with ease. The Hestia system provides an affordable and accessible way for astronomy enthusiasts to enjoy observing celestial bodies, capturing stunning images, and expanding their knowledge of the cosmos.

Incredible Inventions That You Havent Seen Yet: Time Stamp 00:27-1:30

Time Stamp 9:01-9:58

The ninth time stamp, from 9:01-9:58, features an electric brand called Electric Brands and their miniature electric van, the X Bus. This versatile vehicle can be equipped as a pickup truck, passenger bus, van, or mobile home. With its compact size and electric powertrain, the X Bus offers a sustainable and flexible solution for various transportation needs. Whether it’s transporting goods, commuting, or embarking on a road trip, the X Bus provides an eco-friendly and comfortable mode of transportation.

In the next section of this article, we will continue exploring the remaining time stamps and the incredible inventions featured in the video. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations!