New Inventions That Will Surprise You

Are you ready to be amazed by some of the latest inventions and technologies? The video “New Inventions That Will Surprise You,” created by Innovative Techs, will take you on a journey through various groundbreaking inventions. From Microsoft’s silica project that revolutionizes data storage to a robotic chair that allows you to move in line without leaving your spot, these inventions cover a wide range of fields such as vehicles, gadgets, and technology. Prepare to be captivated by the Stinger pen gun that transforms from a pen into a pistol or the Ultrasound stickers that provide real-time images of internal organs. With so many exciting innovations to explore, you won’t want to miss this summary of “New Inventions That Will Surprise You.”

New Inventions That Will Surprise You

Microsoft Silica Project

The Microsoft Silica Project is revolutionizing the field of data storage with its innovative use of glass plates. These glass plates have the capability to securely store several terabytes of data for an astounding 10,000 years. This incredible advancement in data storage technology is a result of Microsoft’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The concept of storing information on glass dates back to the 19th century, but Microsoft is taking it to a whole new level. In practical terms, a single glass disk can store around 1.75 million songs, which is equivalent to continuously listening to music for 13 years! The process of recording and storing information on these glass plates is a meticulous one. Ultra-fast lasers are used to etch the data onto the glass, and then the plates are placed on library shelves for easy access. Special robots are employed to locate and retrieve the desired information when needed. The information is then converted into digitally usable files using Azure AI. With the Microsoft Silica Project, data storage has reached new heights of longevity and security.

GOI Between Robot

Enhancing police work, the GOI Between Robot is a game-changer in communication between officers and drivers without the need for either to leave their cars. This ingenious robot, developed to be attached to police vehicles, has a holder that extends forward directly to the driver’s window. This allows officers and drivers to communicate effectively and efficiently while remaining in the safety and comfort of their own vehicles.

The GOI Between Robot is equipped with a screen, a webcam, a tablet for signatures, and a small printer. This comprehensive set of tools enables officers to carry out their duties effectively during traffic stops or other situations requiring communication with drivers. By eliminating the need for officers to exit their vehicles, the GOI Between Robot ensures their safety and reduces the risk of accidents. This groundbreaking technology is set to make police work more convenient, safer, and more efficient.

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Stinger Pen Gun

The Stinger Pen Gun is a one-of-a-kind invention that transforms from an ordinary-looking pen into a functional pistol in just a few seconds. At first glance, the Stinger Pen Gun appears to be a regular pen, measuring only 5.6 inches in length. This compact size allows it to be easily carried in a jacket, shirt, or pants pocket. However, with a simple modification, the pen can be transformed into an L-shaped pistol, complete with a visible trigger.

While the Stinger Pen Gun lacks the traditional sights found on conventional firearms, it is an effective tool for close-range shooting within a few meters. It provides a discreet and easily accessible means of self-defense or protection. Priced at around $230, the Stinger Pen Gun is a unique invention that combines functionality with everyday practicality.

Autonomous Robotic Chair

Imagine being able to move in line without ever leaving your spot. With the Autonomous Robotic Chair, this dream becomes a reality. This self-moving chair is a true game-changer for those who appreciate convenience and want to minimize effort. Whether you find yourself waiting in line at a theme park, a concert, or any crowded event, the Autonomous Robotic Chair will do the moving for you.

This robotic chair is designed to seamlessly blend into any line or queue. It operates by autonomously gliding along pre-determined paths, allowing individuals to remain seated while maintaining their position in line. The chair is equipped with innovative sensors and navigation systems that ensure it navigates safely and efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly shuffling forward in a line – the Autonomous Robotic Chair takes care of it for you.

New Inventions That Will Surprise You

MX4 from Moat Manufacturer

The MX4 from Moat Manufacturer is a truly unique floating house that can be customized to suit individual preferences. This innovative creation combines the luxury of a yacht with the comfort of a tiny house. The MX4 comes in two versions: a stationary one akin to shore housing, and a mobile one equipped with an electric motor that allows it to move on its own.

With dimensions measuring 78 square meters on two levels, the MX4 offers ample space for up to 12 people. Whether you’re hosting guests or seeking a serene escape, this floating house provides all the amenities one could desire. Each room is thoughtfully equipped with modern technology, ensuring a seamless living experience. Additionally, a large solar panel on the roof powers the battery, making the MX4 environmentally friendly as well.

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Ultrasound Stickers

Making ultrasound imaging more convenient and efficient, Ultrasound Stickers have the potential to revolutionize the medical field. These small stickers, roughly the size of a postage stamp, can be attached to the skin to provide continuous ultrasound imaging for up to 48 hours. The development of these stickers has opened up new possibilities for real-time visualization of internal organs.

Traditionally, bulky equipment was required to perform ultrasound imaging. However, with the advancement of Ultrasound Stickers, this technology can become as accessible as buying band-aids at a pharmacy. By attaching these stickers to the body, medical professionals can obtain high-resolution images of a patient’s heart, lungs, and other deep-seated organs. The safe and non-invasive nature of ultrasound imaging allows for closer monitoring and faster diagnosis. Although currently requiring connection to instruments, the future holds the promise of remote usage, making ultrasound imaging even more convenient for medical practitioners.

New Inventions That Will Surprise You

Bombora Wave Energy Converter

Harnessing the power of ocean waves, Bombora has created the world’s most powerful wave energy converter. This groundbreaking invention has the capacity to generate electricity from the relentless force of the ocean. Weighing an impressive 900 tons and measuring 75 meters in length, the Bombora Wave Energy Converter consists of a series of air-inflated concave cells covered with rubber membranes.

As waves pass over these membranes, air is squeezed out of each module, passing through valves and entering an air duct system equipped with a turbine. The axial flow turbine is connected to a variable speed generator, converting the energy from the waves into electricity. This technology can be designed for both fixed coastal and floating ocean conditions. The Bombora Wave Energy Converter offers a sustainable and renewable source of power, furthering the world’s transition towards cleaner energy solutions.

Consumer Car

The Consumer Car is an extraordinary vehicle that defies expectations with its unique design. Resembling a brick, this car packs a surprising punch. Underneath its unconventional exterior lies a small 1993 Ford Festiva hatchback equipped with a 1.3 L engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, and front-wheel drive. Dubbed the “brick on wheels,” the Consumer Car has garnered attention across the automotive industry.

To access the powertrain, the front part of the Consumer Car flips forward automatically, providing convenient access for maintenance. While lacking in luxurious features such as heated seats or an audio system, the Consumer Car does include important safety components like safety belts, rear-view mirrors, and LED running lights. Weighing a mere 570 kg, this unique vehicle has made waves in the automotive sector with its distinctive appearance and practicality. It has been exhibited at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and was sold at an auction for an astounding $38,500.

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New Inventions That Will Surprise You

Water Sports Cars

For those seeking the perfect blend of speed, style, and exhilaration, Water Sports Cars offer an unparalleled experience. These remarkable vehicles combine the thrill of racing cars with the adventure of riding the waves. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, advanced GPS navigation systems, state-of-the-art engines, and modern safety measures, Water Sports Cars provide a seamless and thrilling journey on both land and water.

Initially exclusive to billionaires in Dubai, these sports cars are now available for purchase in the USA. Although the price has not been disclosed, one can only imagine the awe-inspiring experience these cars offer. Water Sports Cars allow drivers and passengers to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of water sports while feeling secure and safe. This groundbreaking invention has taken the concept of sporty vehicles to a whole new level.

BMW Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Addressing the growing need for sustainable transportation, BMW is actively testing a pilot fleet of hydrogen-powered cars in various countries. This initiative aims to observe the performance of hydrogen-powered cars under different conditions and gauge their viability as an eco-friendly transportation option. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions, BMW is at the forefront of innovative solutions in the automotive industry.

Hydrogen-powered cars operate by converting hydrogen gas into electricity through a fuel cell. This electricity is then used to power the car’s electric motor, resulting in zero emissions. By incorporating renewable hydrogen as a fuel source, BMW strives to develop greener transportation alternatives that preserve the environment without compromising performance. As the pilot fleet undergoes testing, BMW’s hydrogen-powered cars hold the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Overall, these new inventions and technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in various fields. From the Microsoft Silica Project revolutionizing data storage to the GOI Between Robot enhancing police work and the Stinger Pen Gun transforming into a pistol, these inventions demonstrate the incredible innovation happening around the world. Whether it’s autonomous robotic chairs, ultrasound stickers, or water sports cars, these inventions strive to make our lives more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable. By embracing these advancements, we are embracing a future of endless possibilities.

New Inventions That Will Surprise You